FINALLY! ShanesArt is proud to announce that its first art collection book, beautifulSILENCE, is now available for purchase for $29.95. The book includes 4 section with 150+ images scattered across 68 pages. The images span through my Pencil Sketches, Airbrush Work, Vector Art and Digital Paint.

beautifulSILENCE is printed and shipped through and it takes about 10 days from the date of purchase to receive your copy.

• 7″ x 7″ softcover
• Saddle stitched
• 68 pages
• 150+ images

I hope ya like it. – S
ShanesArt: Prints for Sale
ShanesArt Book: beautifulSILENCE



  1. magnus

    i would get one if i only could afford it, same with hydro’s book. it’s great to have lying around and have a look in to get inspiration or just for some casual drooling 🙂

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